Daily Specials at Flourishing

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From daily dim sum lunch to group specials, Flourishing Chinese Seafood Restaurant offers specials to fit any budget. Your wallet doesn’t have to hurt after a restaurant meal! Open 7 days a week, our fresh daily specials make any meal an affordable pleasure. Check out our daily menu, or contact us for the special of the day.

Lunch Specials: Make Your Own Combinations

We have make-your-own lunch specials, where you can customize your entire meal according to the number and type of items. Lunch combinations are served until 3 PM. After 3 PM and all day Sundays, there is an extra $2.00 charge.

Our custom specials can include a number of items:

2 items: $7.99

3 items: $9.99

4 Items: $11.99

We have over 20 items to choose from, including:

● Sweet & Sour Boneless Pork

● Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls

● Sweet & Sour Deep Fried Bean Curd

● Deep Fried Prawns

● Almond Chicken

● Dry Garlic Boneless Pork

● Deep Fried Chicken Wings

● Crispy Egg Roll

● Steamed Rice

● Pork Fried Rice

● Chicken Fried Rice

● Deep Fried Bean Curd with Black Bean Sauce

● Chicken Chow Mein

● Beef with Curry Sauce (Spicy)

● Chicken with Black Bean Sauce

● Almond Guy Ding

● Chicken Cashew Nut & Vegetables

● Beef & Broccoli

● Beef Chop Suey

● Mushroom Chop Suey

● Chicken Szechuan Style (Spicy)

● Beef with Black Pepper Sauce (Spicy)

*Prices may change without notice.

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